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We are humbled that other doctors entrust their retina patients to our care and are dedicated to honoring our partnerships with referring providers through our “Doc to Doc” Guarantee. When you need us, we are there for you and your patients.

Our Retina Specialists

Our retina specialists comprise the largest, most sophisticated full-service retina practice in our five-state area. All of our doctors share one common goal: to provide competent and compassionate medical and surgical retinal care.

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Memberships and Affiliations

Research & Clinical Trials

Since 1978, Retina Consultants of Minnesota has been at the forefront of research into new and improved treatment modalities for retinal diseases. We participate in groundbreaking national and international clinical trials and research so that our patients have access to new treatments as they develop.

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The VRS Foundation

The VitreoRetinal Surgery Foundation (VRSF) promotes research and education related to retinal and macular diseases so that we can raise awareness about retinal diseases, treatment options, and available resources.

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Retinal Update CE Event

As part of our commitment to education, RCM hosts an annual CE event called Retina Update, in which we review the latest trends, updates, and best practices in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal and macular conditions.

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Retina Consultants of America

Retina Consultants of Minnesota is part of Retina Consultants of America, a network of leading retinal care and research practices in the United States. Together, the practices of RCA are shaping the future of retinal care.

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“Doc-to-doc consultation any time, every time. Priceless peace of mind.”
James Hunter, MD
“I have trusted RCM with my complex retina patients for over 12 years.”
Lisa Graham, MD
“I appreciate the availability and expertise of all of the RCM physicians.”
Nathan Reader, MD
“RCM has been our #1 partner for retinal care for over 30 years.”
McDonald Eye Care Associates

FAQs for Referring Providers

Questions about referrals, emergency circumstances, or medical records? Retina Consultants of Minnesota is available to answer all of your questions. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions from referring physicians.

  • Please fill out our “Consultation Request Form” and fax it to our office, or call one of the offices listed.

  • Please call our 1-800 number or any office listed. Our phones are answered 24/7.

  • Please ask the patient to complete and sign the form, “Authorization for Release of Medical Records”, and fax it to our office.

  • Yes! Our guide, “The Top 24 Eye Conditions That May Require Retinal Care”, will help you determine if a referral to our office is the next step for your patient.

  • Retinal Update 2022 is scheduled for February 5, 2022.

  • As the COVID-19 situation evolves, RCM updates its patient care procedures, with guidance from the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). What you need to know, at this time:

    • Masks are required in all RCM clinics and surgical facilities.
    • Reschedule your visit if you are symptomatic.
    • Check-in as close as possible to your scheduled time, to minimize your time in proximity to others.
    • First-time patients are encouraged to be accompanied by a family member.
    • Returning patients that require special assistance may be accompanied by a caregiver. Please advise our receptionist.
    • Drivers are asked to wait outside of clinic, and to be accessible by cell phone, when care is concluded.
    • Additional special procedures are followed by all RCM staff to ensure the care and wellbeing of all RCM patients and staff.

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Our St. Cloud and Blaine Clinics Have Moved

We look forward to seeing you at our beautiful, new, expanded locations!
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